It's about the people


Most times people are part of the solution

to conservation issues.

Because we cannot reach everyone, we are focused on the communities that live and have a close relationship with the Obô Natural Park to maximize our efforts. In these communities we are giving classes and talks.


Children are our future and often vehicles of knowledge from schools to their homes.

Likewise, we believe that educating our children, not only will help them take better choices but will also convey this knowledge to their parents and friends.


Schools program


"Do you also want to be a giant?"

Through a series of games and activities we guide the class through a walk on the Obô Natural Park in the discovery of the Forest Giant, the Obô Snail, and all its neighbours.


We are facilitating meetings in which we focus on:

1 - the importance of the Obô Natural Park

2 - the Obô Snail and its present situation

3 - the role of  communities to its protection



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